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Artist's Statement

Rich Thistle Canadian Visual Artist"As should be obvious by now, I freely confess to a very liberal attitude toward sexuality. I characterize eroticism as entirely about the warm magnetism of love and the excitement of beauty. And yet I still somehow feel vaguely motivated to make at least a cursory explanation about why I am enthused about expressing this intensely personal part of myself in this manner.

And remember, the boundaries of eroticism and pornography are subjective, ill-defined and especially dependent on culture and personal taste. Thankfully it has been quite some time since the sight of a bare female leg was considered obscene, imoral or inappropriate. The artist chooses the human figure as a subject for many reasons. To paraphrase a famous maxim, woman is the measure of all things, possibly the supreme transformation of matter into form, and in my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring the form.

I have always believed that a strong, healthy libido is a positive personal asset, a factor which, although not necessarily always entirely constructive, generally helps one maintain a personally happy and reasonably centred outlook on life. Perfectly natural, I believe the emotion accompanying sexual arousal is very similar to the energy which one experiences during the incubation and creation of any work of art. In my case at least, these two sensations are very much alike, if not exactly analogous. Both are exciting, both are energy- and focus-building, and both usually lead to pleasing and fulfilling conclusions. It's almost that simple.

I am also compelled to say I feel in no way apologetic to anyone about these erotic images, no matter how ingrained their personal biases may be. Compared to the raw violence we constantly witness around us, both in the real world and that of, let's say popular film and gaming, I have always felt comfortable suggesting that any form of good, clean, safe, consensual sex between adults is by far preferable.

Sexual fetishes often function as elements which enhance bedroom relationships. As an artist - and a bedroom adventurer - I find the visual stimulation fetish clothing provides to be most certainly augmenting. As usual however, it is wise to remember the axiom 'all things in moderation'. There may be a thin line between pleasure and disorder. Lingerie, leather and high heels are fetishes to which I freely subscribe. Personally I'm a big fan of pleasure!

In film, given the choice, I find witnessing the giving and receiving of sexual pleasure infinitely more acceptable than watching even the mildest scene of torture, fighting or murder. I refuse to watch any film containing scenes of torture. I believe violence to be the true pornography, and yet we seem to have become thoroughly desensitized to explicit depictions of this kind of destructive and harmful behaviour.

Consensual sex, almost regardless of its category or form, is a natural part of life which should be celebrated, not secreted away in some dark corner. It's certainly a large part of who I am as an artist and as a man, and, to be perfectly honest, it feels very positive and affirmative to share these contemporary erotic images with those who are like minded. Enjoy!"  ~ Rich Thistle

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."  ~ Jimi Hendrix
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